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About Enrich For Life

 Motivation and Fulfillment

Enrich for Life was founded to improve the quality of life of higher-functioning adults in Middle Tennessee with intellectual and developmental disabilities through residential solutions, enrichment programs, collaboration and consultation.

Co-founders Chris and Allison Bender are motivated by a desire to provide opportunities for housing and personal development for adults with special needs - men and women like their daughter, Carlye.

Residential Options
Few if any residential opportunities exist for thousands of intellectually challenged adults in Middle Tennessee. The Benders founded Enrich for Life to help explore new residential models for adults with IDD funded by their personal earnings, family/friend support, and funds newly available through TennCare - ECF Choices.  For those who qualify, TennCare funding for residential support is available for adults with IDD through Employment and Community First Choices

Few jobs are available for adults with intellectual disabilities.  Few individuals work enough paid hours to help meet personal financial goals.  Enrich for Life is committed to collaboration in order to provide more opportunities for vocational training for higher-functioning individuals.  With more employment options, those who can work may have an opportunity to work more and earn more.

Spiritual and Personal Development - Faith, Activities, Education
Programs available for spiritual and personal development for individuals with IDD are also limited and are most often directed at a younger population.  

Key Values
Commitment, Compassion, Collaboration, Engagement, Flexibility, Happiness, Integrity.

  • At least 22 years of age
  • Diagnosed with IDD
  • Independent. self-help skills require minimal supervision from staff or volunteers
  • No uncontrollable behaviors
  • Does not require one-on-one assistance based upon physical, intellectual or medical needs
  • Can follow simple direction or coaching in order to participate in activities and fulfill individual household responsibilities with minimum assistance from staff or volunteers
  • Mobile

Donate to Enrich for Life through this secure link.

Enrich for Life is a Department of ACT Int'l, a local 501(c)3 organization dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals and communities since 1982.

Mail contributions to:  ACT Int'l, Enrich for Life, P.O. Box 1649, Brentwood, TN 37024-1649 

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